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Gyokuro "KIN-UN" 70g, Silver Plated on Copper Tea Caddy / Tea Canister, Japanese Tea from Kyoto

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Gyokuro is made the process of steaming, rubbing, drying. When the first tea sprout started to grow, the leaves was covered to almost completely shielded from sunlight With less astringency, rich in flavor and taste, it is a premium tea to taste a single drop.

Packaged in a Silver Plated on Copper Tea Caddy. / Tea Canister.
It is the engraving technique that has been handed down since ancient times in Japan. It is based on the design carved by the engraver.
100% Copper material is cast and silver plating is applied, and a skilled craftman wraps it around a handmade tea canister and processes it.
Elegant finish with a good touch is very pleasing to everyone. We kindly ask for your long and continued use.

How to make delicious Japanese Tea.

General instructions for making a cup of Japanese Tea.
  1. Prepare boiled hot water and wait till it cools down to the recommnended temperature.
  2. Place tea leaves in a teapot.
  3. Pour the hot water into the teapot.
  4. Steep for the recommnended period of time.
  5. Pour the tea liquid into the tea cup to the last drop.
Type of tea Amount of tea leaves for one cup Temperature of hot water Amount of water Steeping time
Gyokuro 3g 50℃(122°F) 20ml 150sec
Kabusecha 3g 60℃(140°F) 30ml 120sec
Sencha 3g 70℃(158°F) 60ml 90sec
Kariganecha 3g 80℃(176°F) 60ml 60sec
Houjicha 3g 100℃(212°F) 130ml 30sec
Genmaicha 4g 100℃(212°F) 130ml 30sec

For the second steeping,the above time can be shortened to 2/3.
For example:Gyokuro,first steeping:150 sec.→second:100 sec.


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