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Traditional Maneki-neko with Daruma & Golden Coin, Medium 19cm, Lucky Cat/Fortune Cat

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Traditional Maneki-neko with Daruma & Golden Coin


Traditional Tokoname-style Maneki-neko carrying Daruma and Koban. Daruma represents perseverance and goal completion, while Koban (gold coin) brings wealth and prosperity.


Height 19cm
Material Ceramic
Place of Origin Japan
Color White
Style Tokoname-yaki

How to Choose Maneki Neko?

Maneki Neko Paw Gestures

Right Paw Up: Invites money and good fortune (good for businesses)
Left Paw Up: Invites people (friends, customers)
Both Paws raised: Invites protection of home or businessManeki Neko Color Meanings


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